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Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – PX8 Pro – Outdoor Electronic Pest, Animal & Rodent Repeller

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Don’t leave your garden defenseless. Intimidating solar-powered repeller sends pests bolting away from your garden using three Oscillating Ultra-Sonic Frequencies PLUS the brightest, fastest flashing LED strobe light on the market – so every cat, dog, deer or animal leave.




Pest Control Patrol –  Solar Ultrasonic Outdoor Electronic Pest & Animal Safe Scarer Repeller Drives Out the Worst Cat, Dog, Deer, Goose, Bird, Rabbit or Pest, GUARANTEED

As an avid team of gardeners, we know that feeling of panic well & that moment when an aggressor, bent on taking out your favourite plants ruins years of hard work & often in seconds.

guaranteed results on the ultrasonic pest repeller
electric ultrasonic pest repeller for your garden
solar ultrasonic pest repeller saving the need for battery replacements
easy setup dials and military grade plastic on the ultrasonic pest repeller
ultrasonic pest repeller deters most animals from your garden in days

PUT IT TO THE TEST Against any other ultrasonic solar battery pest repeller & we guarantee it will out perform, outlast & out scare most sighted or hearing capable animal you can imagine & better than away dog or cat repellent sprays, bird netting, animal traps, cat spikes, infrared device or pest stop device & 100% humanely.

DEFENSE UNLIKE ANY OTHER With the largest trigger field on the market & so any pest trying to sneak in from any direction puts it on high alert & with sensitivity settings you choose so you determine how far away you want the cats, dogs, and birds to stay & without upsetting your neighbours.

“LARGEST TRIGGER FIELD” MAKES FOR THE BEST DEFENSE – DON’T LET PESTS SNEAK BY We tested every top sound deterrent and solar battery powered electronic pest repeller available before realising they have one major flaw. Competing repellers only ‘trigger’ to activate sound & lights, when pests come straight at it – so we designed an ultrasonic cat & dog repellent with a record-breaking near-180* sensor view, so it activates & drives pests away no matter where they try to sneak in!

REQUIRES 3 X NI-,MH AA 1.2V SOLAR RE-CHARGABLE BATTERIES Scientifically proven 4x max effectiveness.

EASY – NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Remove it from the box, stick it in the ground where you need protection, turn on the optional LED. Your new animal repeller goes on guard, deterring animals instantly. Customers say it’s the ideal balance of affordability and effectiveness for gardens, yards, patios, driveways, fields, grassland, verges, farms, and all outdoor areas. You’ll love how quickly you see pests bolt from your garden in just days.


STEP 1: Pet, pest or wild animal enters the & trigger field & (you control the size of the field based on which of the 7 sensitivity settings you choose).

STEP 2: Bright, intimidating LED light rapidly flashes in scientifically-calculated conjunction with the alternating ultra-sonic waves in microseconds.

ultrasonic pest repeller defends small gardens or huge lawns
ultrasonic pest repeller will protect your garden from cats, dogs and pests
protect your garden with the ultrasonic pest repeller

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Dimensions 16 × 26 × 9 cm

6 reviews for Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – PX8 Pro – Outdoor Electronic Pest, Animal & Rodent Repeller

  1. Martain Hatton

    Wow. This really works well. I bought it to scare off squirrels and foxes who were digging up my new lawn. First night of use, I heard this strange barking sound. Thought nothing of it at first until I eventually went to investigate. Found the fox at the bottom of the garden, on the fence panel (on in my garden) barking at the machine. It then scurried off and since then, I have had no fox sightings and no fox poo in the garden.

    Same with squirrels. I usually find them “playing” in my garden each morning but since I have had this machine set up, I only see them scurrying across the back fence but not in my garden. I was rather sceptical that this would work on squirrels but it is doing the job.

    The machine was was easy to put together. I liked it because it was waterproof and it has a solar panel to recharge batteries. The Seller was helpful in answering questions I had. About to buy another one now for my dad.

  2. Lauren Hipkins

    I ordered the product a few days ago and was pleased on how fast I received my order. The product was easy to assemble and the instructions were clear and easy to understand.

    I did order a similar and cheaper product from another seller and it was not effective so I was a little bit dubious when I ordered this. I am so glad I took the gamble, The commander px8 did what it says it does, and having problems with unwanted cats fouling my garden, the problem was soon eradicated. With a few days I have had not had any unwanted and nasty surprises in my garden.

    I am very impressed with this product and also recommended it to my neighbour to deter cats using hers.
    I would definitely recommend to anyone who has problems with unwanted cats to buy this product. I mailed the seller privately and they were polite and helpful.
    A very worthy five stars.

  3. Chris Cartlton

    I have had a problem with dogs in my front garden for several years and decided to try out this product. I’m pleased to say that the product was well packaged, easy to set up and use and it is quite robust. It also came with the batteries! The PX8 Pro seems to be very effective as dogs are now keeping well clear of the front garden area. I am more than happy with this product and would happily recommend it to anyone who has suffered over the years like me whose plants haven’t survived because the dogs got them first.

  4. Paul Hayden

    Very easy to use and as of yet no cats around my garden,the birds are very happy.
    Very good seller highly recommended.

  5. Alfred Jackson

    So far so good.. have not seen any evidence of potential intruders!!

  6. Gordon Whitmore

    Installed only 5 days ago but so far very good. I want it to scare off rabbits. How do I know when the batteries need changing, do I get some sort of warning light ?

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